Welcome to ActiveFantastic

What started as simply a fun Instagram name, ActiveFantastic has evolved to embody my lifestyle, how I teach and what it means to stay fit and healthy well into middle age.

Being active to me doesn’t just mean physical fitness but the energy behind all action – the essence of life in adventure and play.  I love exploring ways to raise my energy levels and Yoga really showed me how to do this naturally.

I was fortunate to have quite a rigorous Yoga training with very experienced teachers  when I lived within the Sivananda organisation in their centres and ashrams throughout Europe for the best part of five years.  It was hard work and my friends and family all thought I’d joined a cult! But I enjoyed my time there and appreciated the power of community – seeing it as a refreshing inner challenge after a life focused on my appearance and physical strength (I was a model and  adventure racer for many years).

Sharing my passion for Yoga is what I live for and hope to harness from everyone when they attend one of my workshops or retreats. We are all constantly learning in this flow of life and I see my role as a Yoga teacher to simply help you discover your own source of energy and motivation.