The Transformative Power of Yoga

2nd – 11th February, 2023

Ataraxia -@bocasdronewiz

Come and experience the cleansing power of Yoga in Bocas del Toro in this hidden Central American paradise of Panama.

During our ten-day immersive Yoga and meditation retreat, we will be nourished and recharged by the elements, locally sourced food and lots of tropical heat and sunshine.  February is the height of the dry season with average temperatures around 25° C / 77° F.

Bastimentos Island

Our venue:

Ataraxia, on Bastimentos Island, will be the venue for our retreat.  A beautiful secluded and solar-powered eco-lodge situated in a former cacao plantation and nestled between the jungle and coral reefs of the Caribbean sea. Accessible only by boat – it’s the perfect place to practice Yoga and withdraw from our busy lives.

Wizard Beach

Embrace the elements and nourish your soul.

This retreat is for anyone who is curious about deepening their awareness through the practice of Hatha Yoga.
Our day will begin with pranayama or breathing exercises, meditation and a combination of Yoga and Pilates sessions.
Pilates movements are important for core strength, proprioception (one’s ability to sense oneself in time and space) and correcting postural imbalances.
All sessions will vary in pace and dynamism where dynamism in the yogic sense means a calm laser-focused mind directing energy around the body with the breath. Postures do not need to be perfect. An open-mind and willingness to try something new is much more important than worrying about how flexible you are or how much experience you have. Yoga postures make up such a small part of the ancient teachings of Yoga but are the best place to start on the spiritual path. We will explore chakras (our vital energy centres), mantras (sacred sounds to elevate the mind) and mudras ( hand gestures used to strengthen and purify our vital energy or prana) so lots to inspire us to feel vibrant and light.

A typical day:  

  • 6.50 am:    Breathing exercises and guided meditation or silent walk
  • 7.50 am:    Herbal teas
  • 8.15 am:     Yoga or Pilates workshop
  • 10.00 am:  Brunch
  • 11.30 am:   Hike, swim, kayak, excursion, individual time
  • 4.00 pm:    Fruit plate/smoothie
  • 5.00 pm:    Yoga session
  • 7.00pm:      Supper
  • 8.30pm:      Evening meditation 
Dining area


After morning practice there will be  a delicious brunch to energise you for the day ahead.  Expect fresh papaya, mango, pineapple, fried plantain, eggs, pancakes and homemade granola.
I have found that eating breakfast later allows more practice time in the morning and forgoes the need for a traditional lunch which frees up the day for other activities.
A fruit plate or smoothie will be served in the afternoon which is perfect to see us through the second Yoga session before a scrumptious dinner is served at 7pm.
Herbal infusions and water will be available all day.
All meals are vegetarian and there will be no coffee or alcohol served.
As much as possible we will follow the principles of a sattvic (light and balanced) Yogic diet.  By avoiding heavy and stimulating food and drink we create a greater sense of inner-harmony by not overstressing the digestive system which in turn promotes better sleep,  and a peaceful and calm group energy.

There is limited wifi so I encourage everyone to unplug and disconnect as much as possible.
The benefits of a good diet and Yoga practice are very soon negated scrolling through news and social media so bring uplifting books and soothing music and take time to journal or be creative.

The islands of Bocas del Toro are home to over a dozen different ecosystems including lowland tropical rainforest and coral reefs and Ataraxia is a wildlife paradise! Here you’ll find a feast for your senses and be amazed at the sights and sounds of parrots, monkeys, hummingbirds, sloth and leatherback sea turtles. Soak it all in hiking to wild beaches and kayaking and snorkeling around the mangroves close to the resort. On an ‘activefantastic’ retreat I encourage a sense of adventure, exploration and fun.


Periods of solitude and silence are important too but I do recommend attending all the Yoga and meditation sessions. It is quite normal to feel achy, heavy and low as the body and mind adjusts to the whole experience but you’ll be amazed how transformational a class can be and how deeper insights are revealed as we break through resistance.


The lodge is completely sustainable, using solar energy and purified rainwater so if you’re expecting air conditioned rooms and endless supplies of hot water this might not be for you.  Living life close to nature requires an ability to adapt and adjust but the rewards are so worth it.
The bedrooms in the main Plantation House are bright and spacious for two or three people sharing and are ideal if you are travelling on your own.
Or you can opt for the full experience of jungle-living in the  ‘Jungalows’ with sea views and a wood decked veranda giving you the sense of being in a tree-house.

I have reserved the whole resort for our retreat so we will enjoy creating our own group energy and rhythm. The mind, by its very nature will seek out distraction so by immersing ourselves in a tranquil and nurturing space – the inner voice of clarity, calm and creativity can be heard more easily.

What’s included:

  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 2 delicious meals a day
  • water and herbal infusions
  • smoothie o’clock snack time
  • guided hikes
  • 5 hours of wellness sessions daily – Meditation, Yoga and Pilates

Not included:

Room options:
Shared room Plantation House:  £1,685 pp
Shared occupancy Jungalow:       £1,840 pp
Single Jungalow:                                  £2,595pp

How to Book:

A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required to secure your space.
The full balance is due six weeks before departure.
Please make sure you have appropriate travel insurance to cover all eventualities.
Contact me here.


Panama  (PTY). Most international flights will arrive too late for the short flight to Bocas Del Toro (BOC) so this will entail an overnight stay in Panama.
European travellers will find Madrid and Iberia is a good hub for flights to Panama. British Airways have good connections from London (LHR) via Madrid (MAD) or Miami (MIA).
There are no longer direct flights from San Jose in Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro.
There are two daily flights from Panama City (PAC) to Bocas del Toro (BOC).  

Accommodation in Panama –

I have done some research for you and depending on your budget there is a mix of hostels, a boutique hotel and amazing spa and pool at the Marriot.

Bodhi Panama City
Magnolia Inn
Las Clementinas
JW Marriot


For more booking details contact: