Yoga at Barts

Yoga at Barts Hospital, London


A gentle hatha yoga class open to everyone but specifically designed to help those affected by cancer.   Whether you have been affected personally or by association it is a challenging time physically and emotionally. Yoga can help play a part in regaining movement, energy, and confidence.

The Class  

We begin with relaxation to focus the mind and bring awareness to the body and areas of tension. Breathing exercises follow to increase energy and calm the mind. Adapted yoga postures can gradually increase the flexibility of muscles and ligaments while also stimulating internal organs so by the end of the class you feel a greater sense of spiritual well-being and upliftment.

Frequently asked questions:

I have never done Yoga before and am very inflexible?
No problem. Yoga is not about touching your toes – it’s a method of movement that builds awareness. You may be surprised how much you can do.

What do I wear?
Dress in layers. A comfortable loose fitting top and leggings work well.

Do I need a mat?
We have mats and blocks.

When is the class?
Thursdays 10.30am – 11.50am.  Please try and arrive 10 minutes beforehand

£8 –  This small contribution will help give you an emotional investment to the class and ensure you get more out of it.

Where is the class?
Find us in the Conference Suite of the West Wing Building.
St Bartholomew’s Hospital
West Smithfield